Current Litters

Journey & Morty

These puppies are gorgeous! They have beautiful red coats and white abstract markings. 

Mulitigenerationl Goldendoodles

  • Approx Weight- 30-40 pounds
  • Ready to go home-Mid May

Price- $2500

Hazel & Bash

These petite cavapoo’s are so adorable. They have just opened their eyes and are exploring the world. They are playful and so loveable. 

Petite Cavapoo’s

  • Approx Weight- 8-14 pounds
  • Ready to go home-Mid May

Price- $3000


Maui & Milo

Multigenerational Goldendoodles

These gorgeous Parti-Goldendoodles are stunning. They have amazing coats and are growing and learning new things daily. 

Estimated Weight-40-50 pounds

Go home Date-Mid May







Jolene & Benjamin

Jolene is a standard chocolate parti-poodle and Benjamin is a chocolate merle goldendoodle. We knew wehn we paired these two that we were going to get some gorgeous babies!

Boujee Boog & Benjamin

These Double Doodles are adorable. This is a repeat litter and I can’t wait to see them grow. The last litter by these parents were incredibly smart. After talking to many people that have a puppy from this litter said they were easy to train and so social.