Health Guarantee/Worming

Health Guarantee

We offer a 1 year health guarantee against genetic defects. The puppy contract will have more information.

Well Puppy Check

We will have a well puppy check done by our vet at 6 1/2 weeks old.

Our Vets- We use Sunburst Animal Hospital as well as Grand Paws Animal Clinic. With everybody getting puppies during the Pandemic it was sometimes hard to get an appointment. We have the option of either of these 2 vets if one of them is booked out. We absolutely love both of these vets and highly recommend them.


Our puppies are dewormed at weeks 2, 4, 6, & 8. By the time they leave our house, they will be dewormed four times and have been exposed to different types of dewormers. All of these dewormers will cover a broad spectrum to help with normal common puppy parasites. These dewormers will help protect puppies for Hookworms, Tapeworms, Roundworms, and Whipworms.

We have just added preventative care for Coccidia. This is a common intestinal infection in puppies in the United States. It causes diarrhea and often occurs after a period of stress. Weaning, leaving their mama and littermates, new environment, and being around new people can cause puppies to get this.

Giardhia is another protozoa affecting puppies. We have just added preventative care for this as well. Puppies can get this from water bowls, feces, or eating something that has been contaminated by feces, like grass.

These above issues are all very common in puppies. We take pride in the fact that we are constantly learning new ways and procedures to help prevent these issues.


At 5 weeks of age, we give our puppies their first puppy vaccine. Below is our vaccination schedule

  • 5 weeks & 8 weeks- Neo Par & Neo Vac DA2.
  • 8 weeks-Neo Par & Neo Vac DA2
  • We give our vaccinations here at our home.

    Your vet can then will take over vaccinations at week 11 when you take your puppy home.