Our Daddy’s


Axel is a F1b Goldendoodle. He is the most fluffy, fun, lovey, energetic, and amazing boy. He produces big litters and is such a good daddy.


He is a mini poodle weighing at 11 pounds. He has a dark red coat and is a confident boy. This boy produces some big litters and is a great daddy to his puppies.


Memphis is a Parti-Standard Poodle. He has the most beautiful colors and his conformation is perfect.


Rhett is a multigen mini goldendoodle. He is the sweetest and most mild mannered dog. He loves to cuddle and loves all the attention he can get. He has the most intense red coloring and big white markings. He weighs 18 pounds.


He is chocolate brown with green eyes and a white patch on his chest. He is a Double Doodle and is so very handsome.

Sebastian (Bash)

Bash is a AKC Toy Poodle. He is 10 pounds and is so entertaining. His sweet personality makes him a favorite around our house. He loves to play and makes the cutest puppies.


Moose is a mini goldendoodle with a red straight wavy coat. He is a perfect gentleman and is so well behaved. He has great structure with a blocky head. He will make some amazing puppies one day! Moose weighs in at 24 pounds.