Our Mama Dogs

Boog-F1b Small Standard Labradoodle

Boog is a fluffy bear that just loves everybody. She has the best butt wiggle when she walks and loves water! She loves to play with friends but can also easily entertain herself. Boog weighs 38 pounds and will be on the smaller size as she grows. We expect her to be 45 pounds or lighter. She is all hair and it really does make her look like a small bear.

Hazel-Mini Cavapoo

Hazel is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen! I may be a little biased but I don’t think so :). This spunky girl can hold her own with the bigger dogs and loves to play outside. When she is tired, she loves to cuddle on the couch above your head. She loves to ride in the car on top of the console. She weighs 13 pounds and her dark red coat is gorgeous.

Maui-F1b Standard Parti-Goldendoodle

Maui is full of life. She loves to play fetch and is a happy girl all the time! She loves everybody and wants her bell rubbed 24-7. Maui is a big girl and will be about 55-60 pounds when she is done growing. She has long legs and I love her wavy coat.

Sadie-F1b Standard Parti- Goldendoodle

Sadie is a fluffy sweet girl. She loves to play and wrestle with her sister (Lily) and play in water. She has a very sweet personality and loves to be around people and other dogs. She smiles all the time and is a happy girl. Sadie weighs 38 pounds and will be on the smaller side of a standard doodle.

Lily-F1b Mini Merle Goldendoodle

Lily is a sweet girl that has the most beautiful coloring. She is loyal and wants to please everybody. She is such a cuddly girl but only after she plays and has had enough. Lily weighs 18 pounds and will make some gorgeous puppies one day.

Lucy-Small Medium Goldendoodle

Lucy is a cutie pie. Her silly personality will keep you laughing all day. She loves to play and loves to be outside. She loves to play fetch and wrestle with all of the other dogs. She weighs 33 pounds and has the sweetest face.


She is a beautiful tricolor Mini Cavapoo. She will be a future mama for us one day. Her coloring is beautiful and she has the sweetest eyes. She loves to play with other dogs and make new human friends.


Maggie is a petite King Charles Spaniel who has the sweetest soul. She is playful but also loves to snuggle. Maggie weighs in at 16 pounds.


She is a cute F1b Mini Goldendoodle that will be a future mama for us. She is spunky and loves attention. Maizee weighs in at 19 pounds

Jade is a gorgeous Merle Bernedoodle. She has the sweetest personality and just loves to be loved on. Jade went through a 6 week board and train program and has great manners and is so well behaved. Jade weighs around 45 pounds.

Jolene is a beautiful Chocolate & White Parti Goldendoodle. She is on the small side of a standard poodle and weighs about 40 pounds. She has gorgeous eyes and an amazing coat. She loves her puppies and is the best mama!

Journey is a gorgeous red goldendoodle. She has a great wavy coat and is confident and loving. Her cute smile lights up the room and her hugs win the hearts of all that meet her. Journey weighs in at 45 pounds..

Saylor is a red tuxedo Cockapoo. She has the most silky wavy coat. She is so smart and loves to play fetch. You will find her laying on the nearest lap! We are very excited for her to begin having puppies. Saylor weighs 22 pounds

Raven is a upcoming mama for us and we couldn’t be more excited. She has an amazing red straight coat. This girl loves to play and is up for fun at all times. She keeps us laughing all the time and we adore her. Raven weighs 16 pounds and will have her first litter early in 2024