Please complete all steps below to be added to our waitlist

*****A deposit must be made before you are added to our waiting list

When you are ready to reserve a puppy from our upcoming litters, please complete the steps below.

Step 1

Fill out a puppy application. This will contain info about what you are looking for in a puppy and info about you and your family.

Step 2

Make a $300 nonrefundable deposit using Venmo or Zelle below-At 5 weeks, you can pick out your puppy in the order your deposit was received. If you can’t come to my home, we can meet via Facetime or Facebook Live streaming.

The deposits are non-refundable as of 6/1/2021

Step 3

Once I receive your deposit and you are placed on the waiting list, I will email you a copy of the puppy contract. It is all done with DocuSign and then sent back. There is a breeding clause in the contract. If you want to breed the dog, there is a $500 fee for breeding rights.

Step 4

Please follow us on social media, Facebook or Instagram to view the most recent updates and pictures.

Zelle is cactusdoods@gmail.com

Waitlist Process

  1. Fill out application
  2. Once I get your deposit, your name will go on the general waitlist
  3. The general waitlist begins October 1st, 2020! Please follow the steps to get on our general waitlist. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at cactusdoods@gmail.com or call me at (623) 271-4834
  4. Once I breed one of my females, I will announce it on my website as well as my social media sites
  5. When pregnancy is confirmed, I will go down my general waitlist to see if you are interested in that litter, you will be placed on that specific litter waitlist.
  6. If you decide to wait for the next litter, you will keep your spot on the waitlist for the next litter.
  7. When the puppies are born, I will announce it on my social media sites as well as post it on my website. I love to take pictures and videos. You can expect to see a bunch of fun pictures and videos!
  8. Families will be allowed to come to my house (if you are on the current list to get one) at 5 weeks old to see the puppies and choose your puppy. I can do Facetime or Live streaming on social media if you can’t make it on the date to choose puppy.
  9. If a person backs out at the last minute for that current litter, I then go to the next person on my general waitlist.
  10. Once the puppies go home, I will remove their names from the general waitlist and the list will then move up.
  11. Just because your name is far down on the waitlist, it doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance at a puppy. Many people choose to stay on the waitlist because they want more time or they are waiting on a particular mama and daddy to have puppies. Other factors are how many puppies were born, how many litters I expect in the future, and if a person wants a certain color or gender and passed at the current litter.
  12. I am very upfront and honest. I will be communicating with families all the time. I want to be an open book and want you to feel comfortable with the process.

Changes may have to be made due to availability, to be determined by order of deposit received.

General Waitlist

  • Kevin Rolfe (Male-Harper & Kingston)
  • Julie Cutler (Maggie & Kingston)
  • Vanessa Yanulavich (Harper Mini-first available Mini)
  • Samantha Zaragoza (1st Available Mini doodle)
  • Diane Obert ( Lily & Cooper-Second Litter)
  • Dan Shevitski (Mini Doodle 2022)
  • Alicia Mumford (Mini Doodle)
  • Cerelia ( First available Mini Cavapoo/Doodle) or a medium size
  • Amanda Yousif (first available mini) Serena friend
  • Jessica Wilson (Mini Cavapoo)
  • Kailey Wilde ( Lucy-Mini doodle or Hazel-Mini Cavapoo)
  • Drita Cani (Pyredoodle or Standard Goldendoodle)
  • Kelsey Leuenberger (Maggie & Kingston)
  • Kim Kyle ( Lily & Coop)
  • Kendra Ruiz (Hazel-Female)